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Allotment Gardens in Helsinki

The Joint Organisation for Allotment Gardens in Helsinki

The allotment gardens in Helsinki formed a regional  body (Aluetoimikunta) in 1938. The present name was  introduced in 1957. The organization acts as a body of  collaboration of the allotment gardens in Helsinki. It  provides information, gives statements and discusses  allotment garden issues with the City administration.  The organization arranges a yearly summer competition:  these are playful competitions in sports and culture. Further information (in Finnish) and links to the in - ternet pages of the allotment gardens in Helsinki are  available at The Finnish Al - lotment Garden Federation,  is a national organization with international contacts

The Allotment Gardens in Helsinki

  1. Brunakärr Koloniträdgårdsförening rf, Swedish speaking association, founded 1918, 5,3 ha,  115 plots, 135–680 m 2 , maximum cottage size 24 m 2
  2. Herttoniemen Siirtolapuutarhayhdistys ry,  founded 1934, 7,5 ha, 182 plots, 300–800 m 2 ,  maximum cottage size 35 m 2 + loft
  3. Klaukkalanpuiston Ryhmäpuutarha ry,  founded 1977, 5 ha, 113 plots, 270–491 m 2 ,  maximum cottage size 30 m 2 + loft
  4. Kumpulan Siirtolapuutarhayhdistys ry,  founded 1927, 12 ha, 266 plots, 225–580 m 2 ,  maximum cottage size 26 m 2
  5. Marjaniemen Ryhmäpuutarha ry,  founded 1946, 18 ha, 320 plots, 300–560 m 2 ,  maximum cottage size 35 m2
  6. Oulunkylän Siirtolapuutarhayhdistys ry,  founded 1940, 15 ha, 203 plots, 383-433 m 2 ,  maximum cottage size 36 m 2 + loft
  7. Pakilan Siirtolapuutarhayhdistys ry,  founded 1948, 20,7 ha, 320 plots, 300–850 m 2 ,  maximum cottage size 33 m 2 + loft
  8. Talin Siirtolapuutarhayhdistys ry,  founded 1936, 15,3 ha, 241 plots, 330–440 m 2 ,  maximum cottage size 35 m 2
  9. Vallilan Siirtolapuutarhayhdistys ry,  founded 1932, 7,4 ha, 169 plots, 201–511 m 2 ,  maximum cottage size 26 m

What is an Allotment Garden?

An allotment garden site is a coherent area for gardening, divided into plots. Allotment gardens promote an ecological and ethical way of life. Each allotment site is administered by an association formed for this aim. Plot holders are members of this association. Plots vary considerably in size. There is a cottage and often also other constructions on the plots. It is allow - able to stay overnight in the cottage. Useful plants, fruit trees and flowers are cultivated on the plots.  During the active summer period, allotment sites are open to visitors. The plots, however, are private areas. Allotment associations organize common events, e.g., midsummer and harvest celebrations. In the clubhouse of the association there is normally a kitchen and common meeting space. The associations tend to the “village green” of the allotment site as well as the common facilities, mostly by means of voluntary work

How do Allotment Gardens function?

There are nine allotment garden sites in Helsinki. The allotment associations rent the land from the City of  Helsinki. The present Tenancy Agreement expires at the end of 2026. The city transferred the administration of the allotment sites and maintenance of the sites to the associations in 1997. The associations let the plots to the individual gardeners. The plot may only be used for its designed purpose and a plot holder is not allowed to hand over the plot or even a part of it to a third party for use. The plot holder must keep the plot, its cottage and other  constructions in a good condition and he must adhere  to the rules applicable for the area. The rules given by the Public Works Department of the City, apply,  among others, to maximum heights for trees and  hedges. What can be built on the plot is regulated by  the rules of the City and the respective association.

How to Become an Allotment Gardener?

A plot holder is allowed to sell the lease hold of the plot and the cottage, other constructions and plants  on the free market. Only persons with a registered permanent residence in Helsinki may rent an allot - ment garden plot in the city.

What is the Future of the Allotment  Gardens?

Independent gardening is very popular. The allot - ment gardens are important green spaces of the city.  The City of Helsinki is planning additional allotment  gardens and extensions to some old ones.